Mr Rutherford Adowei (Head)

The major purpose of the Press Unit is to project the positive image of the Commission. It came into being in 2011 upon the first major restructuring of the Commission by the Interim Management Committee (IMC).

The Press Unit Cover Three (3) Areas Namely:

1.    Electronic Media
2.    Publication
3.    Media Library


 The Unit is responsible to the office of the Managing Director of the Commission and it is made up of two (2) sections:

• Media Relations (Electronics)

• Media Relations (Print).


i.  Projecting the positive image of the Commission;

ii. Organising Press Conferences for DESOPADEC in collaboration with the office of the Managing Director;

iii. Media advertisements of DESOPADEC public electronic and print materials;

iv. Spotlighting workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia in electronic and print media;

v. Writing features, opinions, rejoinders, advertorials and articles for publication, all of which are geared toward projecting the goals, vision, mission, objectives, challenges and achievements of the Commission from time to time;

vi. Production and distribution of public enlightenment leaflets, posters, billboards, handbills, complimentary cards and sundry print materials related to the activities of the Unit and the Commission as a whole;


vii. Monitoring the electronic media (DBS, NTA, AIT, Channels) and others as well as the print media (Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, etc) for the purpose of confirming, correcting or refuting such publications/broadcast as the case may so necessitate;

viii. Producing the Commission’s print and electronic information and documentations such as the monthly newsletter, “DESOPADEC Today” for internal circulation;

ix. Acting as correspondents/reporters to keep tab on the activities of the various departments/units of the Commission;

x.  Reviewing/Editing broadcast materials emanating from the Commission before they are aired on radio and television;

xi. Serving as the in-house public enlightenment channel to educate and inform staff on issues via internal media bulletins, memos, etc.