Mr Oyokofe Daniel (Head)

The Security Unit has the responsibility for the protection of personnel, property, premises/structures as well as field offices (Area, Zonal and projects sites/offices) of the Commission. The Unit is headed by a Chief Security Officer (CSO) who reports directly to the Managing Director of the Commission.


 i.    Headquarters Office Premises/Guest House and Residential Quarters and Health Clinics

ii.    Field Offices (Area offices) of the Commission.


i. Rendering general advisory services to the Commission on Security matters.

ii. Assisting in the formulation, execution and review of security policies and programmes of the Commission.

iii. Ensuring the protection of staff, material and property of the Commission at all time.

iv. Collating and submitting weekly security reports to the Chairman of the Commission.

v. Coordinating security activities at Headquarters, Area, Offices by staff of the Unit.

vi. Searching vehicles and suspected visitors or employees.


vii. Ensuring that necessary security gadgets and equipment are provided for effective discharge of duties by staff of the Unit;

viii. Tacing and keeping records of movement of persons and vehicles belonging to the Commission;

ix. Organising the training of security staff of the Commission;

x. Liaising with Law Enforcement Agencies and other relevant Security Agencies as may be directed by the Managing Director of the Commission;

xi. Any other security functions that may be assigned by the Chief Executive of the Commission from time to time.